Year 3 - Key Knowledge and learning Outcomes

Year 3 Key Knowledge


  • Lines of latitude run parallel to the equator
  • Lines of longitude run down the Earth from pole to pole.
  • Wirral is a Peninsular and is surrounded by the River Dee, the River Mersey and the Irish Sea.
  • Rural places are located outside of towns and cities. They typically have low populations
  • Urban areas are human settlements with high populations. They are mostly towns and cities
  • London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle, Sheffield, Liverpool and Leeds are cities in the United Kingdom.
  • The longest river in Scotland is the River Tay it is 117 miles long.
  • The five longest rivers in England are:  River Severn, River Thames, River Trent, The Great Ouse and River Wye. (River Wye and River Severn also run through Wales)
  • The Cairngorms, Cheviot Hills, Pennines, Clwydian Range and Brecon Beacons are mountain ranges in the United Kingdom.
  • The Irish Sea, Atlantic Ocean, North Sea and the English Channel all border the United Kingdom.
  • Egypt is a country in Northern Africa its capital is Cairo.



Year 3 Learning Outcomes

Location Knowledge

  • Name and locate counties and cities of the UK identifying human and physical characteristics including hills, mountains, coasts rivers, land use patterns over time and the use of natural resources.
  • Egypt is located in northern Africa, and is in both the eastern and northern hemispheres. The Tropic of Cancer runs through the bottom half of the country.


Place Knowledge

  • The Wirral Peninsula with a focus on Parkgate, Thurstaston and the rive Dee
  • Egypt, North Africa and the River Nile.


Human and Physical Geography

  • Climate zones, rivers, mountains, biomes and vegetation belts in the UK and Egypt
  • Types of settlement and land use, economic activity and distribution of natural resources in the United Kingdom.

Geographical Skills and Fieldwork (Wirral Peninsula)

  • To use maps, atlases, globes, aerial photographs to locate key features in Wirral.
  • Focus study on the Wirral Peninsular and the River Dee.
  • Use ordinance survey maps and four figure grid references.


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