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Years 3 and 4 Spring Production 'Peter Pan', by Mrs Harris

Date: 23rd Mar 2024 @ 11:27am

The Year 3 and 4 Spring production 'Peter Pan' is now on our YouTube channel and the school website 😀




Peter Pan...Years 3 and 4 Production, by Mrs Harris

Date: 21st Mar 2024 @ 9:06pm

How amazing were our Year 3 and 4 children???😃👏🐊⭐️

The children in year 3 and 4 have worked incredibly hard to learn, practice and perform their version of 'Peter Pan'. 

The show was amazing! Every single child was star and made us all so proud! Take a bow Year 3 and 4! 🌟 🌟🌟🌟🌟👏👏👏👏


Video of the performance coming soon! 🎥

Year 4 Drama, by Mrs Harris

Date: 1st Feb 2024 @ 12:03am

In year 4 drama lessons they have been exploring the book 'The Whale'. They discussed the various different settings that are apparent within the story and created tableaus based on these. Some lovely facial expressions year 4!

Year 2 Drama, by Mrs Harris

Date: 31st Jan 2024 @ 11:56pm

Year 2 Drama 

In English lessons, Year 2 have been writing an alternative adventure story based on 'The Marvellous Moon Map', which includes a problem and solution. In their drama lesson, year 2 went on a magical carpet adventure to explore some of these stories. We travelled to a deep dark cave, the Arctic and the Jungle, what a busy afternoon!

Year 1 and Year 2 Christmas Nativity 'Baarmy Bethlehem', by Mrs Harris

Date: 19th Dec 2023 @ 4:28pm

Year 4 Drama, by Mrs Harris

Date: 1st Dec 2023 @ 8:31pm

Year 4 Drama with Mrs Nunnery

During their lesson, the pupils were introduced to the themes of determination, courage, trust, and friendship using freeze frames, inspired by the book "The Firework Maker's Daughter."

Year 5 Drama, by Mrs Harris

Date: 7th Nov 2023 @ 11:26am

Last week, we explored the 'Parable of the Sower' and looked at how to creatively interpret the message through the use of movement, physicality and speech

Year 6 Poetry Day, by Mrs Harris

Date: 9th Oct 2023 @ 4:37pm

Year 6 Poetry Day - Drama with Mrs Nunnery 

We looked at the poem 'The Day War Came' and put together some short performances using narrative and freeze frames ✨️

Year 5 and 6 Performance 'Robin Hood', by Mrs Harris

Date: 6th Jul 2023 @ 4:04pm

Yr5 The Explorer- Sonnet 18 poetry, by Mr Glen

Date: 25th Nov 2022 @ 3:44pm

This morning Yr5 started to look at the poetry element of our source text “The Explorer” by Katherine Rundell. In class they have been looking at Sonnet Number 18 by William Shakespeare, the construction and rules to be used whilst writing a sonnet. Using this as a guide they then created their own original piece, based on the story so far in “The Explorer”.

Using this devised piece, we looked at the performance and the flow of delivery and how to use your voice (Pitch, tone, volume) to create an atmosphere for the audience. Over the session we looked at different techniques that you could use and performed to each other, giving feedback using WWW (what went well) and EBi (even better if). Each person then performed it again, after listening to the comments and improved their performance. We also looked at the Volta (the turning Point) of the piece and were you could go with it next, what else could you write your stanza about. Yr5 were brilliant and have created some amazing poetry.

 Yr5 were absolutely brilliant and everyone was involved and engaged and came up with some excellent work. Well done Yr5 !!!


Yr1 Percy the Park Keeper, by Mr Glen

Date: 24th Nov 2022 @ 12:25pm

 “Percy the Park Keeper-After the storm” by Nick Butterworth.

This week we looked at moving as a hedgehog and what they might be doing when we don’t see them. We had hedgehogs looking for a new house, we had hedgehogs going to “Slug-Donalds” to get some slug nuggets, we had hedge hogs meeting up to have lunch together plus many more. This was a great improvised piece of drama by the children using what they know about hedgehogs. Well done Yr1.

Yr6 Goodnight Mr Tom, by Mr Glen

Date: 24th Nov 2022 @ 12:22pm

Year 6 today continued to explore their source text "Goodnight Mr Tom" by Michelle Magorian. We started to look at the characterisation and relationship between four Main Characters main characters, William, Zach, Mr Oakley and Mrs. Beech. Each person in their small group or pair hand to choose one of these characters and using Mind maps we wrote down what we knew about them, and tried to think as them (what would the say, think. How would they sit and react) whilst their group or partner asked them open questions relating to their character they had chosen in the “Hot Seat”.

We then performed this back to the class with everyone asking questions, which at time challenged the character in the Hot Seat. Each of the characters gave a real insight to the role and also some twists that may (or not be) in the story. One was that William was not Mrs Beech’s son and she was only looking after him, but his real mother died, and that is why she is so mean to him.

We then looked at the Play version of the book and gave half the class Act One and the other Act Two. They were given 3 minutes to prepare and perform a piece of drama, using the stage directions in the script and what we had already done (Mind mapping and hot seating). This was then performed back to the class were we then reviewed the performance using WWW (What Went Well) and EBi (Even Better If).

It was amazing to see everyone engage and working with each other and in some cases (when performing) some of the material was excellent with good clear voices and learning the dialogue, and by dramatic portrayal of the character.  Excellent work by all!!!

Well done Year 6

Yr3 Stig Of the Dump, by Mr Glen

Date: 24th Nov 2022 @ 12:17pm

Today we continued with our text “Stig of the Dump” by Clive King with Yr3 and today I posed a question “What would happen now if Barney found Stig in the 21st Century?” “How would this be reported in a digital world?”. In their groups they had to select a TV news presenter and then each remaining person of the group had to chose a character from the book. The reporters were given wooden spoons, for microphones and had to interview the witnesses to the discovery.

They were given 5 minutes to come up with questions and answers and create, rehearse and preform the piece of drama. Building on the previous sessions of hot seating and roll on the wall, I was amazed at how well they did and how clear their performances were too. Everyone in Yr3 were amazing, but I was blown over at how good George was. His performance and handling of the interview was smooth, it had pace and when someone forgot what they were going to say, he just moved straight on and filled the gap. Excellent. Well done Yr3.

Yr3 Stig of the Dump, by Mr Glen

Date: 17th Nov 2022 @ 12:25pm

'Stig of the Dump' by Clive King.

Today we looked at the characterisation and relationship between four main characters within the text- Stig, Barney, Lou and the Grandmother.

In groups of four, the children had to choose one of these characters and tried to think as them (what would they say, think, do, how would they sit and react etc.) 

The children then got into role and acted out the conversation between characters. 

Well done Y3, excellent.

Yr6 Goodnight Mr. Tom, by Mr Glen

Date: 16th Nov 2022 @ 3:28pm

"Goodnight Mr Tom" by Michelle Magorian.

Today we started to look at the characterisation and relationship between four main characters; William, Zach, Mr Oakley and Mrs. Beech. In small groups, the children mind mapped what they knew about each character and tried to empathize with them.

As a group, we then hot seated the characters and asked the open questions relating to the character in the 'hot seat'.

We also read through and discussed a playscript which had been written based on our text. The children were given 3 minutes to prepare a short piece of drama, using the stage directions in the script. The children then performed their section to the class. Collectively, we reviewed the performance using WWW (What went well?) and EBI (Even better if?).

Well done Year 6

Yr1 Percy the Park Keeper, by Mr Glen

Date: 15th Nov 2022 @ 3:29pm

Year One have been exploring the book ''After the Storm” by Nick Butterworth. Over the last few sessions, we have looked at the park and what you might find there. We discussed the damage the wind in the story may have caused and the children acted out the jobs that Percy would have to complete in order to restore the park.

We discussed how the animals might have felt after their homes had been destroyed and made a list of emotion words to include within our writing back in class.

We also looked at the main character- Percy. We used nouns and adjectives to describe what he looked like and what his personality was like.

Each group had to label an image of Percy. Firstly, they wrote nouns like; hat, coat, boots, wellies etc. The children then added adjectives such as flat (cap/hat), thick (jacket), warm (coat), smelly (wellies). We also played the game “What am I? An adjective or noun?” to reinforce the ideas that we had been looking at.

As part of our non-fiction topic, we looked at some facts about hedgehogs and where they get their name from.

Yr3 and 4 Lunchtime Choir, by Mr Glen

Date: 15th Nov 2022 @ 2:19pm

Today in choir we continued to learn our Christmas songs. Yr3 and 4 sang “Jingle bells” really well, adding in the extra verses.

Using a colour reference chart, we learnt added in bells to accompany our singing. I was amazed at how quickly the children picked it up and in no time were able to sing and play in time with each other.

Absolutely brilliant. Next week we are looking at “Silent Night” and “Away in the Manger”. 

Yr5 The Explorer, by Mr Glen

Date: 11th Nov 2022 @ 2:22pm

This morning Y5 discussed questions like; How would you survive in the Amazon jungle? What skills and knowledge would you need to survive like the characters in the book?

We looked at some of the skills that you need in the jungle, and what you would need to prioritise be the order to survive in this environment. 

Using the S.T.O.P method (Stop, Think, Observe, Plan) we looked at what we need to do first and came up with a plan as if we were characters from the text. This ranged from searching the plane for water and food to finding a map and compass to navigate out the jungle.

We also looked at techniques to find North using the stars, the sun and a watch.

Yr2 Pumpkin Soup, by Mr Glen

Date: 10th Nov 2022 @ 3:43pm

“Pumpkin Soup” by Helen Cooper

We continued our work from last week by recapping the characters in the story and what happened to cause the three main characters (Duck, Squirrel and Cat) to argue and fall out.

This week we looked at Duck and tried to work out what caused him to go from a happy, friendly Duck to becoming a frustrated, angry and cross duck.

Working on the board we came up with a time line and reasons for the event.

In small groups the children came up with reasons for why Duck had reacted the way he did and reasons why the other animals reacted the way they did.

We then used “hot seating” and the class worked as detectives to ask questions, trying to get to the truth.

Y2 used excellent vocabulary and imagination. I was blown away with Zachary, who really got in to the roll of “Duck” and just seemed to have an answer for any question posed to him. Well done everyone, brilliant work.

F2 We're going on a Bear Hunt, by Mr Glen

Date: 9th Nov 2022 @ 3:10pm

This afternoon, F2 continued to explore our theme- “Going on a journey”.

We  explored journeys linked to  “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” by Michael Rosen.

After our warm up to “5 Little Joeys” By the Wiggles, I read another story called “Little Bear Won’t Sleep” by Christine Swift. It’s a wonderful story all about a little bear who will not go to bed, so Mother bear takes him on a night time walk to see all of the nocturnal animals in the wood. The children loved it and could remember all of the animals they had seen.

We then looked at another journey song called “Waking in the Jungle”  The children loved prentending to be all of the animals in the song. Excellent session- F2 were amazing!!!!!


Yr6 Goodnight Mr. Tom, by Mr Glen

Date: 9th Nov 2022 @ 12:46pm

 "Goodnight Mr Tom" by Michelle Magorian.

We started to look at the characterisation and relationship between the two main characters- William and Mr Oakley. 

To explore the theme of evacuation, we looked at reels of children being evacuated and discussed the children's thoughts and feelings.

We then discussed how evacuation was presented to the world as 'an adventure'. We then discussed how this would affect the children and also the adults who had to take children in by law.

The class was then broken in to groups and given 3 minutes to prepare and perform a piece of drama. They were given a short section of dialogue (Willie, Tom, Sammy), which they could use as the source to improvise and also some groups were asked to create dialogue for their group. This was then performed back to the class. We then reviewed the performance using WWW (What Went Well?) and EBI (Even Better If...).

It was amazing to see everyone engage and working with eachother. Excellent work by all!!!

Well done Year 6

Yr4 The Firework Makers Daughter, by Mr Glen

Date: 8th Nov 2022 @ 12:01pm

“The Firework Markers Daughter” by Philip Pullman.

Today we discussed the themes of the book and where the children were in the story so far.  The children then made predictions based on what they thought would happen next in the story.

We examined the main characters and their relationship with each other and looked at the dilemmas posed in the book by these main characters.

After this discussion, they were split up in to groups. 

Each group was given a one of the following dilemmas- “Should Lila go to the Merapi the fire mountain and meet Razvani the fire fiend?”  OR,  “Should Hamlet (the white elephant) and Chulak go to bring back Lila from Merapi the fire mountain?'

Each group discussed pros and cons to both dilemmas.

Using 'Conscience Alley', (a drama technique used to explore the mindset of a character in the moment of crisis or dilemma) Lila and Chulak in turn went down the line and heard what each side said. They then came up with their own decision, based on the arguments placed by the sides. Excellent work from everyone in Yr4.

Yr3 Stig of the Dump, by Mr Glen

Date: 3rd Nov 2022 @ 12:49pm

“Stig of the Dump”

Today, Y3 had an amazing time exploring the meeting between Barney and Stig.

We focused on the beginning of the book- when Barney and Stig meet for the first time.

Through improvisations and role play, we recreated the interaction between the pair and performed each group's in front of the class. We looked at non-verbal communication and how we would be able to communicate with someone who does not understand our language. We looked at what a person from the Neolithic period might move and sound like.

Excellent first session Y3. I was blown away with Erin as she really got in to the role of Stig and performing. Good work everyone!!!

Yr6 Good Night Mr Tom, by Mr Glen

Date: 2nd Nov 2022 @ 12:43pm

We had excellent sessions with Year 6 today on their new text "Goodnight Mr Tom".

We explored the historical content of the period of 1st - 3rd September 1939 and discussed the evacuation of over 800,00 children in three days.

The children expressed what they might have felt and how the changes in their life that would occure e.g. changing school, being separated from family and friends etc.

Well done Year 6


Friday 15th October 21: Yr4- Escape from Pompeii, by Mr Glen

Date: 15th Oct 2021 @ 12:35pm

Friday 15th October 21: Yr4- Escape from Pompeii

We had two brilliant sessions on our green screen filming of Pompeii today with Yr4. We started by looking at what we had already filmed in our LIVE BBC news reports and re-recorded some as they didn’t work in the edit. The children were brilliant and everyone took part taking on a specific role in role-play and participate in focused discussion while remaining in character. Whilst we were filming they used intonation when reading aloud the dialogue to camera, making sure to emphasise punctuation and inflection. They had to practise and rehearse sentences and scenes, using feedback on their performance from teachers and peers. I was amazed that I could just throw some of them in the “Deep end”, with no practise and they just improvised on the spot. WOW!!

The result is that we have some excellent reports and performances from yr4, and I cant wait to get it edited and show them their work. Well done!!!


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