Sacramental Preparation

At Our Lady and St Edward’s Catholic Primary School, we work closely with our Parish Priest, Father Michael.  We provide Sacramental preparation as part of our Religious Education Curriculum in school. 

We provide a full programme of support for parents and children to develops your child’s understanding of the significance and importance of the Sacrament they are about to receive.  We aim to help our children to grow in faith and continue their journey to become closer to God. 

We expect parents and children to participate fully in all aspects of the preparation.

In Year 3, the children will receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, also known as ‘First Forgiveness’, in the Autumn Term. The children will be taught all about forgiveness and the concept of ‘saying sorry’ for anything they may have done that does not show us living our lives as God would want. 

In Year 3, the children will also receive the Sacrament of the Eucharist, also known as ‘First Holy Communion’, in the Summer Term. The children are taught all about the ‘Consecration’ which is the part of the Mass when the bread and wine is changed into the ‘Body and Blood of Christ’ so that they can receive the body of Christ every time they go to Mass from that day onward. 

The Sacramental Preparation Programme is organised by our Parish Priest, Fr. Michael Coughlan, in collaboration with school leaders.

Dates for Sacramental Preparation for the academic year 2023-24 are;

First forgiveness meeting 1- 22nd November @ 6pm in school

First forgiveness meeting 2- 29th November @6pm in school

First forgiveness meeting 3- 6th December @6pm in school
Sacrament of Reconciliation/First Forgiveness- 14th December @6pm in Church
Holy Communion meeting 1- 22nd May @6pm in school
Holy Communion meeting 2- 5th June @6pm in school
Holy Communion meeting 3- 12th June @6pm in school
Sacrament of First Holy Communion- 15th June @10.30am in Church


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