Laudato Si

Laudato Si

This study guide, brought to you by CAFOD and SCIAF, is inspired by
Pope Francis' encyclical Laudato Si': Care for our common home.

Laudato Si' liturgical prayer for primary schools
It offers us an opportunity to reflect on the world
around us, and to respond to the signs of the times. We are called to
reject the contemporary 'throwaway' culture and to open our eyes to
see how God is present throughout creation.

We bear witness to the reality facing many of our sisters and brothers
across the world, who are being pushed deeper into poverty due to the
changing climate.

Whilst climate change is critical, it is one symptom of a much deeper
problem about how we organise our common home.

Pope Francis invites us to a change of heart; individually, as a community, and at an international level, so we may truly respond to “both the cry of the
earth and the cry of the poor” 

In what the Holy Father calls ‘the Gospel of Creation’, we are
encouraged to bring the Good News of our faith to these situations.
We are asked to adopt an attitude of profound respect and care
towards ourselves, our neighbours and our beautiful sister earth, as an
expression of our love for God.

Laudato Si’ is a profound invitation to everyone on the planet, and its
influence will be felt for many years to come.

Laudato Si' – St. John – St. Paul Catholic Collaborative

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