Pop Up Pantry

Pop up Pantry will be open every Friday from 3:15 p.m.  

We are based in the foyer or Our Lady's Church, Price Street, next to our main school building. 

Pop up Pantry will be run by two of our School staff; Mrs Harris and Mrs Brown - thank you to both for running our pantry on a Friday we really appreciate it. 

We will be providing teabags, coffee, sugar, several cereal brands, hot dogs, pot noodles, rice, pasta, tinned produce,orange and blackcurrant juice, gravy granules, fresh food and much more FREE OF CHARGE to oue school families (subject to availability).

We have also purchased several styles of coats / jackets to provide for our pupils free of charge. Please contact the School office on [email protected] to enquire about obtaining a coat or jacket for your child.

We hope to continue to open every Friday for as long as we can continue to stock our Pop up Pantry. 


Donations to our Families and Pantry

Morrisons New Brighton 

Mrs Brown and Mr Thomas collect donations from Morrisons New Brighton Community Champion for our Pop up Pantry, thank you Ruth at Morrisons  ?


NEO and Gautby Road Play & Community Centre 






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