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Welcome to the performing arts page of the school. Our Lady and St Edwards are proud to have a designated Performing arts coordinator, who works across the whole school (F1-Yr6) enhancing the English curriculum, and bringing to life the texts through performance, singing and movement. All pupils are enabled to participate in and gain knowledge, skills and understanding associated with the artistic practice of drama, and encourages adaptability, fluency, and communicative competence. It puts language into context, and by giving learners experience of success in real-life situations it can support them with confidence for tackling the world out- side the classroom.

The Key Skills used in each lesson are

  • Debate: discussing two sides of an issue, mantle of the expert, conscience alley, etc.
  • Performance: showing improvisations, freezes, mimes, script reading, etc. Role Play: working as characters, hot seating, being someone or something else, etc.
  • Discussion: responding to questions, asking questions, discussing the drama, preparing drama, etc.
  • Presentations: introducing drama, readings, narration, presenting information, etc.
  • Team building: Problem solving and timed actives.
  • Prediction: Looking at source material and trying to predict the story content or the outcomes, with focus on key topics related to the text.
  • Cross curriculum links to other subject: History, geography, science etc.

In addition to the core lessons across the school, there are the opportunities to participate in after school clubs and lunchtime clubs, from KS1-KS2 to enhance and support pupils with a passion for the subject.

Within the dedicated space with consultation with the pupils we have discussed and agreed our own rules for the space, the 8 “Cs” whilst they are in the drama sessions:

  • Cooperation: To work with each other and the teacher for a common goal
  • Communication: To listen to the instruction and be clear on what and how you are speaking
  • Concentration: To be fully engaged and concentrating in the lesson
  • Commitment: To be committed to the group you are working in or to the piece/work we are working on or studying
  • Confidence: To believe in yourself and step out of yourself in to another person’s life, thoughts, or situation.
  • Connection: To be a strong bond in the group, and to support other in all aspects of group work.
  • Creativity: To use your imagination, to think outside of the box.
  • Consideration: To think of other and treat, speak to people as you would like to be treated.


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