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Mini Vinnies Pledges, by Mrs Harris

Date: 5th Jul 2024 @ 10:22pm

Mini Vinnies meet every Thursday. We are working together to help others. 

Last Thursday, we made some pledges:

• We pledge to be kind to other

• To help others in need in any way we can

• To be good friends and to care for God's world

Mini Vinnies Donation, by Mrs Harris

Date: 5th Jul 2024 @ 10:19pm

Good news alert!! 

Luna and Willow decided (themselves!!!) to design, make and sell bracelets to their family and friends 🧑 

This wonderfully kind initiative was to raise funds for Mini Vinnies πŸ™Œ 

They raised an astounding £42.44 from their sale, which is absolutely fantastic!!!! Mini Vinnies will use this generous donation to purchase toiletry bags for the homeless 

Thank you Luna and Willow ❀️❀️❀️

Year 3K Geography, by Mrs Harris

Date: 30th Jun 2024 @ 8:49pm

'Fieldwork Fortnight'! Year 3K enjoyed taking part and spending their Geography lesson outside of the classroom finding things out for themselves. Our goal was to find the best location for a new 'Sustainable Garden' within our school grounds. We thought about what a sustainable garden could include and then followed an aerial map of our school to make observations and collect data. 

Our research questions were 

1. Is the location big enough?

2. Is it peaceful and quiet?

3. Will it attract wildlife?

4. Can it be accessed easily by all?

5. Would there be any other problems with this location?


After deciding on the most suitable location, the children then began to design their own 'sustainable garden'. 

The children really impressed Miss Kealey with their careful and thoughtful planning. Well done Year 3K.

Year 3K Science, by Mrs Harris

Date: 30th Jun 2024 @ 7:22pm

Year 3K enjoyed exploring shadows recently in our Science lesson. We worked scientifically by looking for patterns in what happens to shadows when the light source moves and the distance between the light source and object increases/descreases. Great work Year 3K πŸ’ͺ🏻

Friendship Creative Writing by Amelia, by Mrs Harris

Date: 30th Jun 2024 @ 4:39pm

Amelia has been getting her creative writing hat on at home and written a fantastic story all about friendship! Well done Amelia

Year 3 Football Tournament, by Mrs Harris

Date: 30th Jun 2024 @ 4:36pm

Presenting.......Year 3 Football Tournament Winners!!! ⚽️ πŸ…πŸ‘

Year 3 Science, by Mrs Harris

Date: 30th Jun 2024 @ 4:30pm

Year 3 have had fun investigating shadows recently. Our Enquiry Question was ‘What do you Notice about Shadows?’

We thought about what equipment we would need, how we were going to conduct our experiment and what our predictions would be. 

We then conducted our our experiments then compared our results to our predictions.

Holy Communion 2024, by Mrs Harris

Date: 18th Jun 2024 @ 10:38pm

What a memorable First Holy Communion our wonderful children had on Saturday

Supported by so many family members and friends ❀️ It was a truly special day. Many thanks to Father Michael and all of our families for supporting our children on their faith journey

Fantastic Honework - Year 3, by Mrs Harris

Date: 18th Jun 2024 @ 10:09pm

Hayley has been busy creating some wonderful paper dragons this weekend. They are fantastic Hayley well done!

Sacramental Preparation 2024, by Mrs Harris

Date: 26th May 2024 @ 10:45am

Reminder of Dates for Sacramental Preparation 2024


● Holy Communion meeting 1 on 22 May @ 6pm in school


● Holy Communion meeting 2 on 5 June @ 6pm in school


● Holy Communion meeting 3 on 12 June @ 6pm in school


● Sacrament of First Holy Communion on 15 June @ 10.30am in Church.

Year 3 - Trip to Eureka and Vale Park, by Miss Kealey

Date: 8th May 2024 @ 7:50pm

Year 3 have had a fun filled day today!

We visited ‘Eureka Science + Discovery’ centre, where the children enjoyed exploring the bodies gallery, nature gallery and homes gallery. There were so many different activities for the children to join in with! We also took part in the ‘From the Chew to the Poo’ science show where the children were able to learn about how the digestive system works and exactly what happens to food once we’ve eaten it. It was a mixture of fun, interesting and disgusting!!!

We ended our day with a short but sweet visit to Vale Park to enjoy a well-earned ice-cream in the sun.

It was lovely to spend time together as a year group. A big thank you to our parent helpers for supporting the trip today. The children (and teachers!) appreciated it very much!

Year 3 Team x

Year 3 - Learning about the Resurrection, by Mrs Harris

Date: 2nd May 2024 @ 9:41pm

Year 3 

We’ve recently been learning about the resurrection and what the event means to us in our daily lives.


The children then came together to create a cross to represent the hope that Jesus’ resurrection gives us.


The children are very happy with their creation and they are now proudly displayed in our classroms.

Fabulous crocheting!, by Mrs Harris

Date: 25th Apr 2024 @ 5:00pm

Penny enjoyed showing the class a scarf she has crocheted herself! How fabulous!

Earth Day Year 3*, by Mrs Harris

Date: 22nd Apr 2024 @ 11:31pm

Earth Day 2024

Today Year 3K spent some time thinking about how we can protect our earth. We explored the natural resources we get from the earth and how we can play our part in sustaining the environment. The children had a very thoughtful discussion and came up with many helpful ideas!

The children shared their ideas by making an ‘Earth Day foldout’ where they wrote/drew 4 things they can do to help protect our planet. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸŒπŸŒΊπŸŒ³πŸŒ²πŸͺ΄πŸ©·

Year 3M World Earth Day 🌏, by Mrs Harris

Date: 22nd Apr 2024 @ 10:58pm

Year 3M have been learning about how we can invest in our planet. This is the idea that everyone should try to work together to help to look after our planet earth.


We thought about our earth's...

* Energy

* Soil

* Water



...and what we can do to help.


We then created a foldout titled 'Caring for our Planet'. Take a look at our wonderful creations and pass on the messages of how to look after our earth.

First Holy Communion, by Mrs Harris

Date: 22nd Apr 2024 @ 10:15pm

One of the most important events in a young Cath­olic’s life is his or her First Holy Communion. To go along with this special occasion of receiving Jesus for the first time in the Eucharist, girls wear a pretty new white dress and boys wear a new suit or shirt and trousers with a tie.

While First Communion outfits are sometimes passed down to younger siblings in families, others are kept for sentimental value but often get forgotten and are stored in a wardrobe where they collect dust. Many of our families have kindly found a place for these outfits which have sentimental value, by donating to our school to be used for a child receiving their First Communion. The wonderful donations allows children and their families to not worry about an outfit and focus on the Sacrament. 

Please do get in touch with Leanne at [email protected] or WhatsApp/call her confidentially on 07544865763 should you wish to borrow any items for your child's Holy Communion, this can be arranged confidentially

Y3 Easter 'Design an Egg' Competition, by Mrs Harris

Date: 28th Mar 2024 @ 10:02pm

year 3 RK Easter 'Design an Egg' competition. Our winner was Mae for her fantastic and creative chick! 🐣

Years 3 and 4 Spring Production 'Peter Pan', by Mrs Harris

Date: 23rd Mar 2024 @ 11:27am

The Year 3 and 4 Spring production 'Peter Pan' is now on our YouTube channel and the school website πŸ˜€




Peter Pan...Years 3 and 4 Production, by Mrs Harris

Date: 21st Mar 2024 @ 9:06pm

How amazing were our Year 3 and 4 children???πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸŠβ­οΈ

The children in year 3 and 4 have worked incredibly hard to learn, practice and perform their version of 'Peter Pan'. 

The show was amazing! Every single child was star and made us all so proud! Take a bow Year 3 and 4! 🌟 πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


Video of the performance coming soon! πŸŽ₯

Lenten Trail 2024, by Mrs Harris

Date: 29th Feb 2024 @ 4:00pm

Over the next week, F2-Y6 will visit church to participate in the Lenten Trail. All of our families are invited to visit the trail after Mass on each Sunday throughout Lent.

Year 3K Rocks Workshop, by Mrs Harris

Date: 28th Feb 2024 @ 10:56pm

Year 3RK had an excellent morning. They became scientists and learned all about different rocks. The children explored a range of different rocks and used their inquiry skills to determine which type of rock it was - sedimentary, igneous or metamorphic. Great investigating Year 3, well done!πŸ§‘‍πŸ”¬πŸ‘©‍πŸ”¬πŸͺ¨πŸšπŸ’§

Year 3M Rocks Workshop, by Mrs Harris

Date: 28th Feb 2024 @ 10:37pm

As part of our Spring 2 Science curriculum on 'Rocks', Year 3VM had a fantastic afternoon taking part in our workshop which involved a bundle of science experiments, recording data methodically, following instructions and learning the names of many rocks.


The children worked their way through a carousel of activities which involved:

1 - Absorbance tests

2 - Fossil hunts

3 - Visual tests

4 - Scratch tests

5 - Acid tests

The children tested the following rocks:

pumice, sandstone, claystone, chalk, slate, limestone, marble, granite and basalt.


Well done Year 3, you have proved to be suitable scientists today!

Year 3 Ancient Egyptian Day, by Mrs Harris

Date: 15th Feb 2024 @ 10:38pm

Year 3 Ancient Egyptian Day β˜€οΈπŸœ What an excellent day we had on Tuesday! We started our day learning about Ancient Egypt and exploring interesting artefacts. We then participated in ‘escape room’ activities - solving puzzles and cracking codes πŸ•΅οΈ‍♀️ We worked in groups to role play different Ancient Myths and even found time to learn an Egyptian dance! We ended our day with ‘The Big Quiz’ to reflect on what we had learned.

Enterprise Day 2024 - how we spent our hard earned profit πŸ“ˆ, by Mrs Harris

Date: 10th Feb 2024 @ 6:58pm

Year 3 raised a total of £43.75 during our enterprise afternoon! The children decided to buy books and stationery. Each class now has a set of 8 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' books and a stacking pencil each. 

From planning to making, advertising to selling, the children had a great time building their enterprise skills, which I'm sure will help them in the future.

Thank you to all the children in OLSE for supporting Year 3!


Year 3 Enterprise Day 2024, by Mrs Harris

Date: 3rd Feb 2024 @ 10:50am

Year 3 had the best time promoting and selling their clay pots. We definitely have some entrepreneurs in the making! We will keep you posted on how much we have raised to go towards reading books and wet play resources ££

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