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Sunshine Room, by Mrs Harris

Date: 2nd May 2024 @ 9:56pm

Children had a great time in the Sunshine Room 🌞 β˜€οΈ πŸ’›

Year 1 and 2 Outdoor Ball Games Club, by Mrs Harris

Date: 22nd Apr 2024 @ 11:24pm

Year 1 and 2 had fun at outdoor ball games club 

We practised throwing, catching and team work skills

Lenten Trail, by Mrs Schultz

Date: 8th Mar 2024 @ 12:36am

All classes have visited Church over the last couple of weeks to follow the Lenten Trail. It was Year 1's turn yesterday. We walked around four stations, all supporting the children to understand the meaning of Lent and how we can pray, fast and give on the run up to Easter. The children learned how Jesus resisted temptation in the desert and how we should try to give up something for Lent to remember how Jesus gave his life for us on Earth. The children talked about how they give to charity- helping others less fortunate than ourselves. They suggested that giving away their own toys and old clothes would help charities raise money for others. They also had lots of suggestions for helping the homeless. Lots of children decided that they would like to give up sweets and treats for Lent, whilst others decided that they would try to be more kind and helpful to their families and others. We're really proud of how they are becoming great followers of Jesus and learning to follow the right path this Lent. 

World Book Day, by Mrs Schultz

Date: 8th Mar 2024 @ 12:24am

Year 1 have been celebrating World Book Day throughout this week. We have had a number of online author workshops, some reading stories and others have been teaching us how to illustrate. We have met Bernard Menzah, the author of Kwame's Magic Quest; Liz Pichon, author and illustrator of the Tom Gates books and also joined in with a draw along session with the author, Raahat Kaduji. Today, the children have been excitedly drawing themselves in their costumes- They all looked amazing! They have created shoe box story settings using collage materials, read lots of stories, made bag tags and completed World Book Day puzzles and colouring sheets. What a day! We hope to complete our story setting shoe boxes tomorrow so that we can use them as inspiration for our seaside setting description. Here's a sneak peek of them so far...

Pinch Pots Inspired by Alice Ballard, by Mrs Schultz

Date: 8th Mar 2024 @ 12:03am

Last half term, the children explored a famous sculptor called Alice Ballard. We looked at how she is inspired by nature and her preference of blues and greens to decorate her work. Influenced by our English text, 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch', the children took to designing their own sea themed pinch pots. They first rehearsed with sculpture using playdough, creating waves with the clay tools. They then modelled a pot with clay and decorated with various clay tools. The final step was to paint. We hope you love your little trinket dishes as much as the children did. Well done Year 1! 

Hoylake Lifeboat Station, by Mrs Schultz

Date: 7th Mar 2024 @ 11:50pm

We had a fantastic trip last week to Hoylake Lifeboat Station. The children learned all about the hard work of the RNLI and how lifeboats have changed from the past to the present. The Hoylake Lifeboat Station celebrated 200 years of dedicated service last Monday 4th March. Each lifeboat class is named after a River and the one that they house in Hoylake is a Shannon Class. We were surprised to learn that a Shannon lifeboat costs £2.4 million! We also saw their hovercraft and experienced life in the the crew rooms, where we saw where the selfless volunteers dress in their all weather suits and can look out over the River Mersey. We had a great time and thanked them for their service to the community and for giving their time to teach us all about horse power and engines! We found out that the 200 year celebration flotilla of lifeboats was actually interrupted last Monday, by a mud rescue operation. This just goes to show how important the RNLI's role is in saving lives. 

Lenten Trail 2024, by Mrs Harris

Date: 29th Feb 2024 @ 4:00pm

Over the next week, F2-Y6 will visit church to participate in the Lenten Trail. All of our families are invited to visit the trail after Mass on each Sunday throughout Lent.

Enterprise Day 2024 - how we spent our hard earned profit πŸ“ˆ, by Mrs Harris

Date: 10th Feb 2024 @ 6:58pm

Year 3 raised a total of £43.75 during our enterprise afternoon! The children decided to buy books and stationery. Each class now has a set of 8 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' books and a stacking pencil each. 

From planning to making, advertising to selling, the children had a great time building their enterprise skills, which I'm sure will help them in the future.

Thank you to all the children in OLSE for supporting Year 3!


Sunshine Room 🌞, by Mrs Harris

Date: 10th Feb 2024 @ 6:52pm

Messy play and music in the Sunshine 🌞 room ☺️☺️☺️

Y1 Enterprise Day, by Mrs Schultz

Date: 6th Feb 2024 @ 11:28am

Year 1 chose to sell keychains on Enterprise Day. We spent all week carefully threading colourful beads onto thread to make them. We made more than 250! Some had clips, some had keyrings, some had letters and others had shaped beads. We even made some especially for the teachers! They all looked amazing! We set up our stall in the hall and put up posters to advertise, then the selling began. Each child had a go of either setting up or selling their keychains. They worked so hard and made over £75! Well done Year 1! 

Hi-Impact Robot Carousel Workshop, by Mrs Schultz

Date: 6th Feb 2024 @ 11:10am

Last Friday, Year 1 explored robots with a computing workshop. The children had a go at coding with the iPads. They used special jigsaw pieces to tell their character how to move around a maze. They also used different coloured mats to make a track for a robot car to follow. Through exploration, they had to figure out how each colour mat affected the movement of the car-- i.e.  left, right, full turn, go and stop. The next group used a coding app to program a character. The final group were really excited to use an app to program a rolling robot- we had lots of squeals and laughs when the robot came spinning in their direction! Each child had the opportunity to explore all four stations over the course of the session. What a fabulous afternoon for all!

Enterprise Day Marketing Videos and Posters, by Mrs Harris

Date: 1st Feb 2024 @ 9:46pm

The children had a wonderful time during the preparation for Enterprise Day 2024!

Their entrepreneurial skills were certainly put to the test and they all did so well.

Modern life means our young people need to be resilient, innovative and not afraid to experiment - all important for entrepreneurs.  

We are using Enterprise Day to develop a range of skills in our pupils. These skills include:- team work, financial literacy, organising and planning, using initiative, negotiation, taking risks, creativity and innovation.

A key part of enterprise is the making of goods, followed by the marketing and selling of these goods. 

Take a look at our presentation / marketing videos and see what you like the look of 😊


Enterprise Day 2024, by Mrs Harris

Date: 1st Feb 2024 @ 9:17pm

This week the children have been working very hard for their Enterprise Day on Friday, 02 February 2024


The children have:

· Planned their enterprise idea

· Decided what they want to raise money for – a class treat or particular set of class books for example

· Advertised their enterprise (designed posters etc)

· Produced a short video presentation to share with parents and carers which will be uploaded to the school website


Class Stalls 

βœ…οΈ Y1 - key chains πŸ”‘πŸ—πŸ”‘

βœ…οΈ Y2 - play-doh and slime πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³

βœ…οΈ Y3 - jewellery pots πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž

βœ…οΈ Y4 - friendship bracelets πŸ‘«πŸ‘¬πŸ‘­

βœ…οΈ Y5 - crispy cakes 🧁🧁🧁

βœ…οΈ Y6 - bookmarks πŸ”–πŸ“‘πŸ”–


The enterprise event will take place on the afternoon of Friday, 02 February 2024.


All children will be asked to bring in £1 which will be spent at several class stalls πŸ‘πŸ‘


**Please be aware Enterprise Day is NOT own clothes, all children should wear their uniform on this day**

Art Club with Miss Ward, by Mrs Harris

Date: 24th Jan 2024 @ 11:38pm

Miss Ward's Art Club was a great success! 

The children used watercolours to paint beautiful pictures 🌈 🌻 πŸ¦‹

Some lovely work produced. Well done πŸ‘

Spring Term Storytime Club KS1, by Mrs Harris

Date: 15th Jan 2024 @ 10:33pm

A lovely start to reading club! The children enjoyed listening to 'Monkey Puzzle' and making their own bookmarks

Year 1 and Year 2 Christmas Nativity 'Baarmy Bethlehem', by Mrs Harris

Date: 19th Dec 2023 @ 4:28pm

Christmas Party Day 2023, by Mrs Harris

Date: 18th Dec 2023 @ 10:52pm

We have all had an absolutely amazing party day!!! Laughter all around πŸ€£β€οΈπŸŽ„πŸ•―

Christmas Festivities!, by Mrs Schultz

Date: 18th Dec 2023 @ 4:58pm

Year 1 have been celebrating Christmas over the last couple of weeks. We began with Christmas jumper and Christmas lunch last week. We enjoyed a lovely roast Christmas dinner last week and decorated our classrooms with paper chains and Christmas Stockings. Today, we dressed up for party day! The children made party hats and place mats. They had a mini-disco in the hall and showed off their best dance moves. and then enjoyed lots of party food! We finished off the afternoon with party games. The children should sleep very well tonight!

Elf Day, by Mrs Schultz

Date: 4th Dec 2023 @ 1:10pm

Year 1 have been busy getting ready for Christmas and Advent. We decorated our Christmas tree last week in preparation for December 1st. Luckily for us, the first day of December was also Elf Day. The children looked amazing in their elf costumes and accessories. We finger painted Christmas stockings, made elf hats and enjoyed lots of songs and dances in the afternoon. We raised lots of money for Alzheimer's and had lots of fun! Thanks for your continued support.

Odd Socks Day, by Mrs Schultz

Date: 22nd Nov 2023 @ 5:49pm

The children wore odd socks last week to celebrate our differences. We talked about how we are all unique and that nobody should be bullied for being different to somebody else. Anti-bullying week this year focused on  'making a noise' and using our voices when we see, hear or experience any form of bullying. We listened to some great songs by Andy and the Odd Socks and celebrated our differences.

Children in Need, by Mrs Schultz

Date: 22nd Nov 2023 @ 5:30pm

We wore spots and raised lots! Well done Year 1 for supporting Children in Need last week. We donned our best spots and stripes, and had an day of fun last Friday. The children finger painted Pudsey's bandana, had a colouring competition, coloured by numbers, completed some Pudsey themed Maths work and enjoyed some lovely cakes from the cake sale of course!

Birkenhead Park, by Mrs Schultz

Date: 22nd Nov 2023 @ 5:24pm

Year 1 had a great time visiting Birkenhead Park. We looked at the signs of Autumn and learned a lot about the wildlife in the park. The children collected leaves, acorns, conkers and fir cones to bring back to school. We talked about the seeds from the trees and why some trees stay green right through the Winter, when others lose their leaves. We watched the squirrels and the ducks, and talked about what they eat. The Park Ranger, Hannah, told us all about the roles of a Ranger and we helped her to feed the ducks (and the pigeons!). We had a great time exploring the park and taking on the role of a Park Keeper (Ranger) just like Percy the Park Keeper in our English work.

Sponsored Balancing!, by Mrs Schultz

Date: 12th Oct 2023 @ 8:56pm

Year 1 had a great day yesterday with several balancing activities throughout the day. We balanced on one leg, we balanced an egg on a spoon, we balanced carefully on the balancing beams and finally we balanced a bean bag on our heads. It was very tricky! We had lots of wobbles, lots of concentration faces and lots of tongues sticking out (apparently that helps with the concentration!) The children were amazing and did not give up. Some children even managed to balance on one leg for three whole minutes! Dig deep everyone and give what you can. We look forward to seeing the sponsorship money rolling in. Thanks, as always for your continued support.

Planet Heroes!, by Mrs Schultz

Date: 9th Oct 2023 @ 6:14pm

As part of the RE retreat last Friday 6th October, the children in Year 1 made a pledge to become a Planet Hero. They each made a badge to take home and attended a theatre workshop and production. In class, they learned all about the plastic that ends up in our oceans and how it affects the wildlife and ocean creatures. They used old plastic bags to make jellyfish. They worked really well in their teams and it was lovely to hear them talk through their designs and ideas. Then we talked about the wonders of nature and how beautiful God's world is. The children used natural materials to make art. Most of our children made faces using the conkers, pine cones, leaves and flowers. What a lovely day it was, we can't wait for them to share the news and recruit more Planet Heroes!

Year 1W - Welcome back to School!!, by Mrs Harris

Date: 22nd Sep 2023 @ 8:31pm

Year 1 Miss Welsh's Class

What a start to Year 1!!! We have investigated in science what plants we can find and identify ????

We........also........held the stick insects!!! ???

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