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Year 2RP Christmas Decorations, by Mrs Harris

Date: 1st Dec 2023 @ 8:22pm

2RP had fun last week decorating their Christmas tree! They all loved the lights and getting into the Christmas spirit. We wonder if we will have an elf visiting us this year...........?

Y2LW Children in Need, by Miss Ward

Date: 17th Nov 2023 @ 2:50pm

We have had a lovely day in Year 2 celebrating Children in Need! We enjoyed going to the Year 6 cake sale and joining in our own class colouring competition! #pudseypower #teampudsey

Schools Challenge GUESS THE BEARS NAME and HOW MANY SWEETS IN THE JAR??, by Mrs Harris

Date: 20th Oct 2023 @ 7:32pm

Winners of Year 2s "Guess the Bear Name" and "How Many Sweets in the Jar"

Heidi guessed 220 Sweets, there were 217! Unbelievably close!! 👏

Leo called his bear.......Bagels! What an awesome name 👏 

Cash for Kids Liverpool, North West & North Wales 

Radio City 96.7 


Year 2 LW - Sponsored Star Jumps, by Miss Ward

Date: 11th Oct 2023 @ 5:01pm

Year 2 had a brilliant afternoon participating in how many star jumps we could complete in 2 minutes. We completed 122 star jumps - well done Year 2! Thank you to everyone who sponsored us!   

Y2LW - Welcome back to School!, by Mrs Harris

Date: 14th Sep 2023 @ 9:57pm

Year 2 Miss Ward's class

We have had a wonderful week settling into our new classroom! 

We have been busy getting to know each other by playing bingo, reading our favourite books together and telling lots of stories about our summer holidays. We also enjoyed meeting our new class pets ‘the stick insects’ and learning how to hold and take care of them ?

Y1 and 2 Construction Club, by Mrs Harris

Date: 12th Sep 2023 @ 10:23pm

Year 1 and 2 Construction Club

Lots of creativity in Miss Kealey's construction club tonight! ?‍??

Year 2RP - Welcome back to School!, by Mrs Harris

Date: 9th Sep 2023 @ 9:51pm

Year 2 Miss Platt's class 

Year 2RP have had an amazing week back! We have got to know each other using bingo and lots of role play! We have made beautiful artwork and poems to describe what we didn't do during the summer holidays! We especially enjoyed singing along to 'The Dot Song'! Well done for all your hard work this week year 2! 

Miss Platt cannot wait to see all your great work next week ?

Year 2 Fun Afternoon, by Mrs Schultz

Date: 20th Jul 2023 @ 4:53pm

Year 2 had a fun afternoon to end our school year. We had den making, bubble blowing, cosy corner reading, a construction area, stilt walking and much more! I think some of the adults had more fun than the children! 

Collaborative stained glass window design, by Mrs Schultz

Date: 20th Jul 2023 @ 4:45pm

As part of our Year 2 Art topic on stained glass windows, we decided to make a collaborative modern stained glass window design. Each child had an A3 piece of black card. They made a design template using masking tape, then coloured in each shape on their design using oil pastels. When they peeled away the masking tape, they could not believe the results! We then had a team of children piecing them together like a jigsaw. When we put a gold cross on the top, they looked beautiful! Great work Year 2! 

Stained Glass Windows, by Mrs Schultz

Date: 20th Jul 2023 @ 4:39pm

The Year 2 children sketched their stained glass window designs in Art, using sketching pencils. They then used watercolour paints to make them look as colourful as the windows in Our Lady's Church. Look at some of their beautiful designs! Well done Year 2!

Science- Planting, by Mrs Schultz

Date: 20th Jun 2023 @ 10:56am

We spent last term learning all about plants. We planted some seeds and bulbs in the planters outside our classrooms and have been observing their growth over several weeks. We hope that you would agree that our flowers are making our school playground a bright and beautiful place to visit. Well done Year 2! 

Enterprise Money, by Mrs Schultz

Date: 20th Jun 2023 @ 10:46am

As a year group, our children decided that we would spend our 'Enterprise Day' money on equipment for wet playtimes. The children requested gel pens, paint pens and glitter glue. Miss Ward and I had so much fun shopping to purchase everything on their wish list! We even added some extras like: tracing paper and stickers. We decided to give them as a treat to all of the children after their SATs were over. We've been lucky to not have any rain since, but will have them to hand whenever the weather decides to be against us! 

Butterflies!, by Mrs Schultz

Date: 20th Jun 2023 @ 9:52am

In Mrs Schultz's class, the children have been watching the life cycle of a caterpillar in real life. We watched the tiny little caterpillars grow and grow until they were ready to build their cocoons. We then carefully transferred the cocoons into a net where we waited and watched eagerly for 2 weeks. Finally, they hatched out into beautiful butterflies. We released them into our playground just before the May half term. The children are convinced that they keep seeing them in the area! 

Peter Thorpe- Space Art, by Mrs Schultz

Date: 20th Jun 2023 @ 9:38am

We worked hard last half term to create art work inspired by the artist Peter Thorpe. We created rockets and planets; using the pastels to make them colourful. We chose whether we would like to blend together the colours by rubbing the pastel designs with our fingers. Afterwards, we used splats and lines of paint to make the paintings look more abstract, just like Peter Thorpe's paintings. When we had finished, we set up an art gallery in our classrooms. The Year 1 children were invited to visit our art gallery. The Year 2 children took great pleasure in explaining to them how we had created our designs and the media we used. Great work Year 2!

Year 1 and 2 Science Club, by Mrs Harris

Date: 24th May 2023 @ 4:35pm

Year 1 and 2 science have enjoyed learning all about the human body and the name of our organs. Children enjoyed matching the words to the
pictures, building a body with magnets and drawing their own human body.

Coronation Party Day in Year 2, by Mrs Harris

Date: 5th May 2023 @ 11:42pm

Year 2 had a fantastic Coronation celebration! 

First, we decorated our own crowns - ready for our celebratory lunch. Then, we spent the morning designing our own street party, with everything from face painting to petting zoos! Next, we wrote persuasive letters; inviting everyone to enjoy the celebration. After a lovely lunch, we made King Charles III collages, coloured celebration pictures and played some right royal games! We finished off the afternoon with cake and ice cream. 

We look forward to hearing about all the celebrations over the weekend ???

Imagine That!, by Mrs Schultz

Date: 23rd Apr 2023 @ 9:54pm

At the end of the Spring Term, Year 2 enjoyed a fabulous trip to Imagine That! Science and Discovery Centre, In Liverpool. They explored 4 different zones over the course of the day. We began the day in the Science Zone where we, amongst many other things, explored magnets, delved into a light and shadow room, made giant bubbles, played in a sand and water area and made snow!

We then moved into the Slime factory where the children were shown some exciting experiments and chemical reactions before making bath bombs and slime. They were then given the opportunity to play with the giant slime trays!

After that, we moved onto the Art Beatz room. The children delighted in making music on the music wall, painted magnets, made pictures using paint dabbers, produced 3D pin art, weaved ribbons and even painted a car! 

The final zine was the Imagination Village where the children could be who we they wanted to be; vets, weather reporters, builders, fire fighters, performers, shop keepers and chefs! 

We had an amazing time, and couldn't wait to write a recount of our adventures when we got back to school. Thanks to all our parent helpers, we hope you had as much fun as we did! 

Year 2 Enterprise Day, by Mrs Harris

Date: 8th Mar 2023 @ 8:39pm

Year 2 had an great Enterprise afternoon. We chose to make and sell painted rocks. The children decided that they could be used as either ‘Pet Rocks’ or paper weights. All the decisions were guided by the children. They chose to charge 50p for the larger rocks, and 20p for the smaller ones. Each of the rocks were designed by the children then decorated carefully with paints and pens. We had some beautiful designs; some with flowers, some with messages, character stones, monsters, aliens, dinosaurs and many more. We weren’t short of volunteers to sell our rocks either. The children on the stall were keen to attract many customers, shouting ‘Come and buy our rocks!’. The rocks proved very popular, with every rock selling out by the end of the day…even the staff bought some! We made nearly £50 to spend on craft supplies and new books for our classrooms. Well done Year 2! 

Come and Share, by Mrs Schultz

Date: 2nd Mar 2023 @ 5:24pm

Year 2 had a great 'Come and Share' morning before the half term. We talked about sharing love and kindness. The children made cards with their visiting parents and grandparents, using their fingerprints to decorate a heart. They then made 'acts of kindness' hearts. They included little notes to explain how they could share love and kindness. Some of the children made promises to tidy their bedrooms and wash the dishes, and one even offered to buy his parents a house!  We're looking forward to hearing the updates!

World Book Day, by Mrs Schultz

Date: 2nd Mar 2023 @ 5:06pm

What a great day we've had for World Book Day, the costumes have been amazing! We've all had a slot in the library today, made bookmarks and had a virtual author visit from the CBeebies presenter, George Webster. We've played lots of games and read countless stories and poems. Our golden tickets, Mrs Wright and Mrs Dunleavy created a treasure hunt for us today. Our task was to find three more golden tickets hidden around school over the course of the day. The children managed to find all three and were rewarded with a biscuit treat at the end of the day! Well done Year 2!

Unidentified object in the playground!, by Mrs Schultz

Date: 2nd Mar 2023 @ 4:54pm

The infant playground was awash with excitement yesterday morning. We had discovered a pile of broken bits, nuts, bolts and wires scattered around the playground. We coned everything off safely whilst we investigated what it could be. Could it be a plane? A car? A submarine (as suggested by one of the children), a rocket or a spaceship? Who knows? Watch this 'space' for updates! (Pun intended!).

Year 2 - Christmas Biscuits ? ??, by Mrs Harris

Date: 20th Dec 2022 @ 8:03pm

Year 2 had a finger-lickin' morning yesterday at Our Lady's!

Miss Cumings brought her trolley of treats to help the children design Christmas coloured biscuits - with EDIBLE GLITTER SPRAY!!! 

We think some of the icing made it on to the biscuits... and we hope at least some of the biscuits made it home ???

KS1 Art Club, by Mrs Harris

Date: 19th Dec 2022 @ 11:37pm

KS1 Art Club enjoyed their last activity club before Christmas. We created our very own Christmas gonks and even added some glitter. ??

Lights, Camel, ACTION!! KS1 Christmas Performance December 2022, by Mrs Harris

Date: 19th Dec 2022 @ 5:17pm

Author Visit to School - Susanne Schroder, by Mrs Harris

Date: 26th Nov 2022 @ 6:12pm

On Monday 28th November, children’s author Susanne Schroder will be visiting school. She will be reading her newest book ‘The Robin’s First Christmas’ to Years F2, 1, 2, 3 and 4. 

If you would like to purchase the book beforehand from Liverpool One Waterstones she would be happy to sign your child’s book for them on the day. Liverpool One’s Waterstones currently have a buy one, get one half price offer on books

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