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Our Garden - F2 2s (Mrs Jones), by Mrs Harris

Date: 15th Jun 2024 @ 10:24pm

F1, Mrs Jones' class recent topic, 'Our Garden' 🏡👨‍🌾👩‍🌾

The children have enjoyed watering the plants in our edible garden, growing their own grass seeds and repotting and looking after some sunflower plants 🌻

The children are beginning to learn what is needed to help grow our plants and how to care for them 👏😍

Sunshine Room, by Mrs Harris

Date: 2nd May 2024 @ 9:56pm

Children had a great time in the Sunshine Room 🌞 ☀️ 💛

Popcorn holders in F1, by Mrs Harris

Date: 27th Apr 2024 @ 7:16pm

Mrs Fisher's F1 class made some popcorn holders yesterday 😋 

Here's Roman, who couldn't wait to get home and fill his ready to watch TV!!! 🍿🍿🍿

F1 Colour in Nature, by Mrs Harris

Date: 22nd Mar 2024 @ 8:57pm

Mrs Jones' F1 2s & Miss Massie's F1 2s/3s

As part of our current topic, 'Colour in Nature', the children enjoyed exploring our outdoor area in search of lots of different colours in our natural environment 😀

Making Fruit Kebabs, by Mrs Harris

Date: 1st Mar 2024 @ 9:25pm

Lovely day in F1 2 / 3s today 😀 

We have been making 🍎🍉🍍🥝 fruit kebabs 🥝🍍🍉🍎 as part of our Rainbows 🌈 topic

The children concentrated very hard on cutting the fruit and putting them on the kebab sticks. We then enjoyed eating them at snack time 😋😋😋

Chinese New Year in F1 2s/3s, by Mrs Harris

Date: 15th Feb 2024 @ 10:58pm

F1 2s/3s enjoyed food tasting in their very own Chinese New Year restaurant - prawn crackers and fortune cookies

Enterprise Day 2024 - how we spent our hard earned profit 📈, by Mrs Harris

Date: 10th Feb 2024 @ 6:58pm

Year 3 raised a total of £43.75 during our enterprise afternoon! The children decided to buy books and stationery. Each class now has a set of 8 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' books and a stacking pencil each. 

From planning to making, advertising to selling, the children had a great time building their enterprise skills, which I'm sure will help them in the future.

Thank you to all the children in OLSE for supporting Year 3!


Sunshine Room 🌞, by Mrs Harris

Date: 10th Feb 2024 @ 6:52pm

Messy play and music in the Sunshine 🌞 room ☺️☺️☺️

F1 2s 'Emotions', by Mrs Harris

Date: 3rd Feb 2024 @ 10:26am

Enterprise Day Marketing Videos and Posters, by Mrs Harris

Date: 1st Feb 2024 @ 9:46pm

The children had a wonderful time during the preparation for Enterprise Day 2024!

Their entrepreneurial skills were certainly put to the test and they all did so well.

Modern life means our young people need to be resilient, innovative and not afraid to experiment - all important for entrepreneurs.  

We are using Enterprise Day to develop a range of skills in our pupils. These skills include:- team work, financial literacy, organising and planning, using initiative, negotiation, taking risks, creativity and innovation.

A key part of enterprise is the making of goods, followed by the marketing and selling of these goods. 

Take a look at our presentation / marketing videos and see what you like the look of 😊


Enterprise Day 2024, by Mrs Harris

Date: 1st Feb 2024 @ 9:17pm

This week the children have been working very hard for their Enterprise Day on Friday, 02 February 2024


The children have:

· Planned their enterprise idea

· Decided what they want to raise money for – a class treat or particular set of class books for example

· Advertised their enterprise (designed posters etc)

· Produced a short video presentation to share with parents and carers which will be uploaded to the school website


Class Stalls 

✅️ Y1 - key chains 🔑🗝🔑

✅️ Y2 - play-doh and slime 🥳🥳🥳

✅️ Y3 - jewellery pots 💎💎💎

✅️ Y4 - friendship bracelets 👫👬👭

✅️ Y5 - crispy cakes 🧁🧁🧁

✅️ Y6 - bookmarks 🔖📑🔖


The enterprise event will take place on the afternoon of Friday, 02 February 2024.


All children will be asked to bring in £1 which will be spent at several class stalls 👏👏


**Please be aware Enterprise Day is NOT own clothes, all children should wear their uniform on this day**

F1 2s/3s Music, by Mrs Harris

Date: 31st Jan 2024 @ 11:32pm

F1 2s/3s Miss Massie's class 

Children in Miss Massie's room had the best time learning ukulele with Mr Ball 🎸🎸🎸

They really enjoyed playing the ukulele and there was lots of......toe tapping, shoulder shaking and head banging!!!!! 😊😊😊

F1 Drama with Mrs Nunnery, by Mrs Harris

Date: 24th Jan 2024 @ 11:23pm

F1 2s (Mrs Jones) and F1 2/3s (Miss Massie)

Drama with Mrs Nunnery goes something like this 👇🕺 💃 😁

F1 2s and F1 2/3s Visit to Clown Around, by Mrs Harris

Date: 19th Dec 2023 @ 9:23pm

Our F1 2s and F1 2/3s have had a lovely time today at Clown around soft play for their Party Day 🥳 

There are lots of photographs for you to see, we have sliding (complete with speedy wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee faces 😮😮😮😮)....playing....dancing....jumping in the ball pond.....eating yummy party food - Christmas picnic style...........who can you see having a great time???

Judging by Mrs Jones and Miss Walker's happy faces coming down the (children's!!!!!) slide, a great time was had by all ☺️☺️☺️

Christmas Party Day 2023, by Mrs Harris

Date: 18th Dec 2023 @ 10:52pm

We have all had an absolutely amazing party day!!! Laughter all around 🤣❤️🎄🕯

F1 2s / 3s Come and Share - Miss Massie's Class, by Mrs Harris

Date: 14th Dec 2023 @ 10:17pm

We made our very own Christmas wreaths, lots of great glueing and sticking was the order of the day, and then sang a song for our families to enjoy 😊😊

F1 2s and 2s/3s - Schools Challenge, by Mrs Harris

Date: 11th Oct 2023 @ 8:53pm

F1 2s and 2s/3s - Mrs Jones and Miss Massie's classes

There was so much dancing and tambourine shaking today!!!!

Children were SO excited for their sponsored event today 💃🕺


F1 3s - Mrs Fisher's Class - Schools Challenge Sponsored Event, by Mrs Harris

Date: 11th Oct 2023 @ 11:07am

We've started our morning with a dance 'clap along if you're happy!'
Children are all excited for a sponsored event today 💃🕺

F1 2s / 3s Learning about the Farm, by Mrs Harris

Date: 5th Oct 2023 @ 9:58pm

F1 2s / 3s - Miss Massie's Class

We are learning about the farm in F1 🚜🐖

We had the best time being farmers 👩‍🌾👨‍🌾 in our puddle suits and wellies 😊😊😊

Look at how beautifully we can line up too!! 👍👍👍

F1 2/3s Welcome to School!!, by Mrs Harris

Date: 20th Sep 2023 @ 4:19pm

F1 2/3s Miss Massie's Room
Our F1 2/3s children are settling in great!
Playing, exploring and making new friends! Here are some highlights of the fun they have been having over the last few weeks ??????

F1 2s Welcome to School!!, by Mrs Harris

Date: 20th Sep 2023 @ 4:02pm

F1 2s - Mrs Jones' Room
Our F1 2s in Mrs Jones' room have really enjoyed settling in, exploring all of the new areas and making lots of new friends.
We are so proud of you!!??

F1 3s Pirate Day, by Mrs Harris

Date: 20th May 2023 @ 9:18pm

Last week, F1 3s had a fantastic pirate day???‍???

They dressed up as swashbuckling pirates and had lots of fun! 

Why are pirates called pirates? Because they ARGGGHHHH! #Pirates #Fun

Coronation Party Day in F1 3s, by Mrs Harris

Date: 9th May 2023 @ 1:00pm

Easter Fun in F1 2s, by Mrs Harris

Date: 5th Apr 2023 @ 7:47pm

? ? EASTER FUN in F1 2s (Mrs Jones Class) ? ?

We’ve had all sorts of fun today doing different Easter activities and crafts such as making our own Easter Crispie Cakes, designing our own Easter eggs with paint, exploring the Easter tuff tray, going on an Easter egg hunt and more! ? 

We even met.......THE EASTER BUNNY ? ? ?

F1 3s Come and Share - March 2023, by Mrs Harris

Date: 24th Mar 2023 @ 10:20pm

F1 Come and Share

• We had a great Come and Share in F1 3s!

• We discovered different ways to mark make using a variety of resources 

• We used Play dough, paint brushes, pens and magnetic letters 

• We used the opportunity to show our name writing skills using whiteboards and whiteboard pens 

???? Children then explored our classroom with their grown ups to show them their favourite areas ????

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