Class Masses

Each Tuesday at 9.30am, a class at a time visits Church to share Mass with our local parishioners. Parents are invited to join.

Please find dates below;

Tuesday 12th September: Year 6- Miss Barron's Class @9.30

Tuesday 19th September: Year 6- Miss Houghton's Class @9.30

Tuesday 26th September: Year 5- Miss Henderson's Class @9.30

Tuesday 3rd October: Year 5- Mr Worthington's Class @9.30

Tuesday 31st October: Year 4- Mr Nelson's Class @9.30

Tuesday 7th November: Year 4- Miss Williams' Class @9.30

Tuesday 14th November: Sacramental Enrolment Mass for Year 3- Year 3, 4 5 and 6 to attend. @9.30

Tuesday 5th December- Whole School Advent Mass @9.30

Monday 18th December- Carols by Candlelight @6.30

We warmly invite parents to join us. 


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