School Dinners

School Lunches

All our school meals are prepared and cooked by our catering team: Miss Evans, Mrs Davies, Mrs McKenzie, Miss Jacobs and Miss Burns;  following the nutritionally analysed guidance recommended by RPJ3 and meet current government standards. School meals include the use of fresh fruit and vegetables each day as a choice for the children. They provide a hot and cold option, both of which pay regard to nutritional balance and healthy options.

Meal choice is rotated on a three-week cycle displayed for pupils and staff and shared with families via our website and social media platforms.

It is important to note that not all parents take up their FSM entitlement.  Parents can apply online or come into school where assistance and support is offered, there is no need to go to one stop shops;

Apply for Free School Meals

We endeavour to offer a happy dining experience for our pupils and try to balance time and space to achieve this aim. 

If you wish for your child to move from packed lunch to school meals or to move from school meals to packed lunch please notify the school office via email [email protected] giving one week notice. 


Packed Lunches

Some children choose to bring a packed lunch. The Headteacher monitors packed lunches regularly as do the Mid-Day Assistants on a more daily basis. We encourage parents and pupils to think carefully about what to include through school initiatives and we do not allow sweets, fizzy or energy drinks and we are a NUT FREE school.

A healthy lunch box should include fruit and/or vegetables (e.g. a salad or carrot sticks) and water is the best drink to provide.


Religious and Ethical Dietary Requirements

Parents are asked to inform the school of any special dietary requirements upon entry of their child into the school and at regularly throughout the year.

The school lunch menu offers a daily hot and cold choice to all children with a selection of vegetarian options. The school’s catering manager will be made aware of any children that require such diets and their picture and dietary requirement is displayed in the school kitchen.


Allergy and intolerance legislation

The catering manager has been fully trained in allergy and intolerance issues.  If you would like to discuss any issues relating to this please contact school office on [email protected]


Food safety and Hygiene

Appropriate food safety precautions are taken when food is prepared or stored. These vary depending on the food on offer and include: ensuring that adequate storage and washing facilities are available; that food handlers undergo appropriate food hygiene training; and that suitable equipment and protective clothing are available. Any food safety hazards are identified and controlled.  

We consult our local Environmental Health Department about legal requirements.

Our establishment has been rated with a score of 5, this is the highest score available



Please email the school office if you would like your child to have school dinners. Meals should be paid for using our online system ParentPay, please follow the link:

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