Home Learning Packs Information

Date: 13th Jan 2021 @ 2:02pm

We have set up a designated area in the multi practical room in order for you to collect a new weekly learning pack for your child/children.

These packs contain instructions and worksheets for your child to complete at home for the week, the contents of these packs will be from the previous week's online learning.

It is therefore recommended to complete work online using the School Spider or choose to take packs home, not both, as those with packs will be completing the previous week's work.   

In the multi practical room there will be a tray to collect your new weekly home learning pack, and a tray to return your previous week's completed learning pack.

When returned, these learning packs will be marked by your child's class teacher.

Please check the website for more information, there are lots of useful links to help learning at home. Specifically under the Home Learning @ OLSE tab.

Every day each Year Group are uploading videos introducing the work, please check your Class Blog for these. 


The videos online will be a week ahead of those who choose to follow the home learning pack, so check back for the video that matches your day.

New packs will be available for collection every Monday.

There will be designated time slots for each year group as follows:

Year 6- 12-12.30pm

Year 5- 12.30-1pm

Year 4- 1-1.30pm

Year 3- 1.30-2pm

Year 2- 2-2.30pm

Year 1-  2.30-3pm

F2-   3-3.30pm

If you are shielding or isolating you can ask another person to collect on your behalf.

If you require further assistance please contact school office on 0151 652 3366 

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